Fishing w/AZGFD at Goldwater Lake

Arizona Game and Fish to set up a Fishing event. They will educate kids and include all bait, tackle, poles, etc. No fishing license needed.

Wednesday August 13. There will be 1-1.5 hour of class time than 2-2.5 hour fishing g time. AZGFD will bring all bait,tackle and poles. Kids under 3rd grade should bring their own poles as there is only a few available. AZ game and fish will supply all bait. Also bringing crayfish traps and BBQing crayfish. Park is free that day, event held at Goldwater Lake.

My boys showing off their day's catch at Goldwater.

My boys showing off their day’s catch at Goldwater.

Sequoia Choice and REACH

Last week I attended a meeting put on by Sequoia Choice that introduced their REACH program to us.

Sequoia Choice, a distance learning Charter School backed by AZDL, will be starting up a REACH program in Prescott this year. REACH will be a day for homeschool kids to get together with each other and participate in elective classes (on Fridays…and it’s a drop off). In order to participate in REACH, the child has to be enrolled at least PT in Sequoia Choice classes…either using their AZDL curriculum options (2 core classes of Science, Math, Language Arts, or Social Studies) or Williamsburg Academy or Williamsburg Intermediate. Also, if you’re enrolled in their program, they will also reimburse you $150/semester for extracurricular activities including things like gymnastics, piano lessons, or other PE/ARTS qualifying thing. The catch is that it is a charter school so they have to do benchmark testing 4 times a year, state testing on the grade level it corresponds with, and abide by common core standards. Otherwise, you enroll your child in their school and they pay for your child’s curriculum (as long as the curriculum meets state standards) and REACH program.


So far, the REACH classes/courses haven’t been decided yet, and that’s what the meeting was for…to find out what we need here.

But we spouted off a bunch of ideas:

Classes for elementary, middle, and high school kids.

Art classes


Ballroom Dancing (other dancing)



Foreign Language (Latin and Spanish were the main interests)

Math Enrichment

Science Labs

Writing Enrichment

Vo-Tech classes like computer classes, welding, wood working, etc.

Business classes

College Prep, Internship, Life Skills

Overnight family field trips

If you are interested and want to have a say about what classes are going to be covered this year, then contact Karen (who will be the REACH coordinator here and main teacher at first). I’m sure she’ll be looking for teachers/mentors for these classes, too. I’m sure the teachers will be paid for them.

Karen’s phone number is 928-308-2668.

The first day of class will be Aug 16. Located at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 1202 Green Lane, Prescott. They will allow homeschool kids to attend REACH classes 2-3 weeks before committing to a Sequoia Choice enrollment.

Definitely something worth thinking about.

K12: Arizona Virtual Academy

I figured that since I’ve been spotlighting other school-at-home options, I should include this one. This is the first one I found out about. It’s been around for a while and it’s another great option for getting a school education at home. I have a friend who uses this with her children. She says the early grades do require quite a bit of parental supervision and time, but as the child gets older and becomes more independent in their learning, she just needs to check in with them to make sure they are on task.

So, check it out!

Arizona Virtual Academy

School at Homers

Updated July 2013*

One popular way of homeschooling is by selecting a private or public on-line school for your child’s education. The nicest thing about this is that the virtual school is responsible for the curriculum selection and teaching of your child…the parent just has to make sure the child attends and does their homework. It’s a lot like school…just at home. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I found out just today, though, that if your child receives over 49% of their education this way, they are not considered as homeschooled students in the state of Arizona, see here. Basically it’s an issue of the state funding your child’s education. For that reason, I’m nick-naming these homeschoolers as School at Homers.

But, you are still doing school at home. You and your child are also not really part of the local school’s social scene and PTA (for some of us…thank goodness)…so we welcome all School at Homers here because we all still need a support group. 🙂 And information about extra-curricular activities.


Arizona Connections Academy

K12 Arizona Virtual Academy

Sequoia Choice and REACH

The Yavapai County education website has a bunch of great options for virtual academies and on-line classes. These are accredited virtual schools that provide state standard education for your child.

You’ll also find great resources at, but make sure you find out if the virtual school meets Arizona State standards.

Williamsburg Academy provides a high school classical education via virtual classrooms. You can opt to pay the tuition and attend it as a private school (think: no need for your child to do quarterly state testing) or go through Sequoia Choice and have tuition paid by Arizona State but your child will have to take quarterly tests. I posted an article about this particular partnership here.

*Since I last wrote about this, I’ve come across several different choices in providing an education at home that models the public school model. The pros and cons to this depend largely on your personal preferences and even possibly political views. School at home choices receive funding through the State, so your curriculum is no cost to you. They are set up as distance learning charter schools with a teacher who keeps tabs on the family/student to make sure the child stays on track. The curriculum follows State Standards and Common Core Standards. Often these choices will have an additional group gathering/field trip option where families meet once a week/month with others who are learning in the same system.