Stanley Institute: Homeschool Support Program


My name is Adelia Brown and in May this year I felt called by the Lord to start a program to serve families who were searching for a wholesome learning environment in which to teach their children in the ways of truth and righteousness, and so, Stanley Institute was born. In this email I will introduce who we are as an organization and what we are about. I invite you to prayerfully consider joining with us on this pioneering journey in some way and to share with others the work we are doing.

So who are we?

We are builders!  They, the Builders of the Nation is our anthem. We are all called to build stepping stones for future generations and construct new and firm foundations in our children’s hearts.

Our mission is to build a family centered, Christian community to educate the hearts and minds of our children. We strive to awaken within each individual their divine purpose and to equip them with the tools necessary to be builders for the Lord.

Why is it named Stanley Institute?

Grandpa R. T. Stanley, affectionately called ‘Poppy’, left a builder’s legacy for the Brown family of faith, family, and a lifelong pursuit of learning. In the 1940’s Poppy was detained from the front lines of WWII because of his expertise in manufacturing for the war effort. He later set up others in manufacturing and consulted many of them in their businesses. Along the way he married Emogene O’Connor and together they had four lovely daughters. Poppy adored his wife and children, and regularly gathered them along with their extended family for Sunday picnics and summers in Yosemite National Park, a tradition that the family still continues today. Poppy held to his Catholic faith, attended church regularly, and was a kind and charitable man who was loved and respected by many.

Who in your family has left a builder’s legacy for you?

Our Model

Stanley Institute is a family centered, Christian community that is:

  • Located in homes or churches to allow anyone, anywhere in the world to start a program in their neighborhood.

  • Intent on educating the heart as it’s primary, with the belief that the mind will follow. Aristotle taught, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We are most passionate about coming alongside parents to teach Godly character, leadership, and service through our Builders Challenge program. This is our core. We also support parents in teaching history, science, writing, grammar, and math. Parents are encouraged to purchase a math and reading program that best fits their child’s learning needs.

  • Engages the whole family in the love of learning and the joy of building faith, family, and community through a home centered, school supported curriculum allowing parents to learn alongside their children as their primary educator.

  • Maintains the parent as a child’s primary educator by meeting only twice a week so that the child has the greatest influence within the traditions of their own family.

  • Hosts social events to encourage camaraderie, celebrate the efforts and achievements of our children, and to just have fun together.

  • Employs timeless tools of good books, rich discussions, and the power of a notebook and pencil to learn any subject.

  • Ran by paid and volunteer mentors.

  • Teaches from a unified & wholesome curriculum that which is good, true, and beautiful. It is important to us that the curriculum is efficient, builds program by program, and can easily be replicated by other licensed communities.

Come build with us!

Please email me for more information about the program. For program specifics for each age group, tuition, materials needed, and the calendar. Stanley Institute provides education for K-12 in 4 different flexible age groups:

Foundations for ages 5-8
Explorers for ages 9-11
Challengers for ages 12-14
Scholars for ages 15-18
Open House-August 13th at 6:30pm at our homeschool location that is central to Prescott and PV (5 minutes from Costco). Come check out our host home for the year, meet teachers, and checkout some of the curriculum. Email me for the address. We will hold other Open Houses throughout the year. Please email me if you are interested in attending a future Open House.

School Starts!- August 20th at 8:30am. We accept new students any time during the school year until our class sizes max out.

Class sizes range from 8-10 children. There is still some room in each program so please let me know if you plan to join us in this pioneering adventure! You can email me your registration at You are welcome to call or text me with questions as well at 208.963.0107.

Last, but not least, thank you to all the families who have put so much time and effort into getting this program started! I am so grateful to you!


Adelia Brown

Tierra Wild Outdoor Club

I just received an email about an outdoor club opportunity for homeschoolers. This looks like a great club for any style of homeschoolers to participate in. I just emailed Nathan to ask for more information about ages he can accommodate with the Skyview group and the cost, so I will update this post when I find out.


Tierra Wild will organize club outings every Friday, starting February 21, 2014. Participants will depart from Skyview at 8:00 am and return at 3:00 pm. Each outing costs $50 if you pre register, $60 if you register the day of. Participants whose parent/guardian volunteers for a particular event may be eligible for a 15% discount on that outing. Email Nathan for a list of activities, ranging from shelter building and rappelling at Watson Lake to kayaking at Lynx Lake and Goldwater.


My name is Nathan Threlkeld and I represent Tierra Wild, a small family owned company in Prescott. Our company is an education based non profit, and our small staff are all highly trained and certified, and confident working with children in an educational setting.  We are currently running an outdoor club primarily for Skyview school every Friday. Skyview has Fridays off so this works well. I would like to extend the opportunity to the homeschoolers in the area. In short we take kids out on various outdoor adventures around Prescott/ Northern Arizona while emphasizing leadership development, confidence development, and environmental awareness. Spots on our bus are limited but we have the staff and equipment to accommodate many more participants if parents are willing to drive. We don’t need to expand our program, but I am passionate about sharing my love for the outdoors with children, and was homeschooled myself from 1st grade through high school. I would be excited to work with the homeschool families. If outdoor club isn’t a good fit we can also offer field trips or other outings meet state standards.
I would appreciate information on reaching the leaders of the local home school groups. If you are interested or would like to find out more email me at, call the office at (928) 350 8704 or reach on my personal cell at (928) 848 2465.
Thank you for your time and your help,
                                                                                                 Nathan Threlkeld, Program Director Tierra Wild

Prescott Area 4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs:

4-H Clubs offer project-based learning opportunities for kids 9 and up.

Each of our clubs has a Cloverbuds group for kids 5-8 who also want to participate in 4-H.

We have 3 local clubs:

  • Prescott
  • Chino Valley
  • Dewey-Humboldt

Our local clubs provide dozens of projects from cattle and rabbits to sewing and photography. They also have leadership, small engine, wood science, and dog projects. If there is a project that our local clubs don’t provide, you can join the club nearest you and become a project leader. Your child might be the only one interested in the project, and that’s fine. Club members meet with their families once a month. One thing I love about 4-H is that it is run by 4-Hers. The kids can gain leadership experience by serving as club officers–they are voted in. It’s fun how it’s run in a formal, old-school style.

The website provides a lot of great information about our local clubs, the existing projects, and potential projects.