Prescott Summer Camps

Summer Camps can be a fun opportunity for our kids to learn with their peers, springboard their athletic skills, stretch their talents, or just plain get out. (We all need that break once in a while!) I definitely need some help updating this! If you know of summer camp opportunities I have missed, please email me.

Day Camps:

Summer Zoo Camp at Heritage Park Zoo. They have 5 weeks of summer camp, so you can pick the theme that your child likes best or the week that works best with your summer schedule.

Embry Riddle has science-based day camps for kids 5-12 and 10-14. Hopefully, you can access the pdf info sheet here. If not, just go to the Embry Riddle link provided and it’s in the sidebar.

Nike Baseball Camp at Embry Riddle for boys 10-18. They have a day-time only option for locals. 🙂

Nike Softball Camp at Embry Riddle for girls 10-18. They have a day-time only option for locals. 🙂

NCA Basketball Camp at Embry Riddle for girls and boys 9-18.

Arizona Dreams Gymnastics Academy has a recreational summer camp. I’m sure the other gyms will have summer camps, too.

Overnight Camps:

Youth For Freedom is a three day leadership camp for youth 12-20. YFF attendees can go up to 4 years, as each year builds on the one before. It’s a camp that incorporates the classics (with assigned readings to be done ahead of time) with leadership in bringing out the best in our youth. I believe most of the participants are homeschoolers, however any youth is welcome to attend. There even is a scholarship awarded that can go towards college tuition for an attendee age 16-20.

YMCA Camp Sky-Y and Chauncery Ranch. They provide all kinds of activities for youth in a week-long camp experience. They also have 4 day mini-camps if 6 days is too long (I know…I’m a homeschooling mom…). It looks like a lot of fun for kids. Really!

Here is a family camp for Jewish families.

Embry Riddle has some overnight camps for high schoolers…who are totally into space flight, aerospace engineering, robotics, computer engineering, etc.

Especially For Youth is a religious camp for youth ages 14-18. Most of the kids who go are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but anyone is welcome to attend. There are a couple of sessions in Flagstaff in June.

Homeschool Gymnastics Classes

3 local gyms provide gymnastics classes for homeschooling families. One great aspect of homeschool gymnastics is that each gym separates the kids into age groups or levels, but the children participate their classes at the same time. So it saves Mom time and gas. They are also competitively priced.

Please contact each gym for more information on dates and times. Gymnastics is available year around.

  1. Flip City Gymnastics in Prescott
  2. YMCA in Prescott
  3. Arizona Dreams Gymnastics Academy in Prescott Valley