HS Groups

*Updated January 2015*

I believe there are as many ways to homeschool as there are mothers out there! But many families tend to gravitate towards a style or philosophy of education or even location. This page will help you connect with other homeschool groups in our Prescott area who kinda do things the way you do them. Some of these groups may be PT or FT educational opportunities/schools/homeschool programs to assist you in homeschooling your child(ren).

If you’re a part of a group and would like for me to update contact information, please email prescotthshub@gmail.com.

Facebook Groups:

One of the best places to know what’s going on around here is to join one of these local homeschool Facebook Groups. Homeschoolers contribute frequently and you can easily join more than one. They are closed groups so you will have to ask to join. If needed, email me with your FB name. We can become friends then I can add you to a group. If you know of other groups, please let me know and I will include them here.

Northern Arizona Family Events

Homeschool Field Trips

Arizona Homeschool Chapter

Prescott Valley Homeschoolers

Northern Arizona Unschoolers

Quad Cities Area

Saratoga Academy: For Middle and High Schoolers. Use the Contact Form on the website for more information. The founding principle of Saratoga Academy is to provide inspiring lessons in character and leadership as the foundation of a great education, while providing a healthy social environment for our youth. In addition, Saratoga Academy supplements education received through on-line private or charter schools, local public schools, college courses, etc., in preparation for college admission.

Northern Arizona Unschoolers Facebook Group. You can join their FB group for information about upcoming Unschooler events and get togethers.

Heritage Christian Home Educators. Contact Rich and Jen Covey HCHE at cableone dot net

Northern Arizona Family Events. A FB group set up by a homeschooling mom to share information about different local events that are family friendly. She really keeps on top of it and shares all kinds of cool things happening in the Quad Cities Area and even an occasional field trip to a museum in Phoenix. Totally worth joining.

Sequoia Choice REACH. Students enrolled in any of the Sequoia Choice programs will also be able to participate in their group activities and field trips. Sequoia Choice has several homeschooling/distance learning programs to choose from. It’s also set up as a charter school so the state of AZ pays for all curriculum and teaching costs.

Prescott Valley

Project L.E.A.P.: A group of homeschool families who come together weekly for project/unit/theme based learning. The moms take turns teaching the units and heading up the projects. Mainly for families with kids between 5-13.

Classical Conversations. A tuition-based homeschool community based on the classics with a Christian backing. A new community in PV is beginning for the 2014/15 school year.

Chino Valley Homeschoolers

Prescott Homeschool Group

Prescott Homeschool Co Op

*Update Feb 2013: Providence Home Educators, formerly the L.O.V.E. group, folded last year. They still have a website and group information on the Web, but they are no longer a group.

Please email me at prescotthshub at gmail dot com for links or contact information about these homeschool groups.

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