Prescott Area Summer Camp Ideas for 2016*

Summer time can sure be a great way to give our kids the opportunity to attend a summer camp for a few days in something they really love (or something we would love for them to learn). It also can give homeschool moms a little bit of a break! (I’m sooo looking forward to summer, myself!) And summer camps can also be a fun thing for our kids to do with a neighborhood friend that normally goes to school…or with a favorite homeschool friend that lives across town.

Sport Camps:

If your child is interested in a specific sport, look up/contact the local leagues or businesses/studios for summer camp options. Yavapai Soccer, Prescott AYSO, Little League, Softball, Basketball Camp (in PV it’s through the County), Dance, Karate, Martial Arts, Golf. There really are too many options to mention here. But I’ll do my best.

Sport Camps at Prescott YMCA

Gymnastics Camp at Prescott YMCA

Embry Riddle has sport camps: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball

Swimming Lessons at Mountain Valley Splash or YMCA

Academic Camps/Classes:

Yavapai College for Kids: Their classes include art, language, writing, technology, nature, science, cooking, photography, drama, filmmaking. Fantastic options for exploring interests or going into depth on already known interests.

Embry Riddle also has a variety of camps for teens in aeronautics and engineering. Even a helicopter class!!

Nature Camps:

Zoo Camp at Heritage Park Zoo (there are 6 different sessions)

All Children in the Woods

The Arts:

These places have had theater camps in the past: Prescott Center for the Arts and Footlight Productions (with Fusion of Movement)

Other Summer Fun Ideas:

A few years ago, I wrote this post for other Summer Fun ideas. But some ideas for Summer Fun include:

  • Harkins Summer Movie Series
  • Summer Library reading program with activities and shows at your local library (Prescott, PV, or CV)
  • Arts and Craft classes as JoAnn’s or Michael’s
  • The Spot, a Children’s Museum
  • Visiting local museums like the Smoki Museum, Phippen Art Museum, Sharlot Hall Museum, the Dewey museum, the museums in Jerome
  • Easy to difficult hikes (or some for mountain biking) like Watson Lake Riparian Preserve, hikes on Mingus Mountain, Thumb Butte, the Constellation Trails, the white dot trails at Watson, Pea Vine/Iron King Trail, Granite Mountain hike, the new hike up to the top of Glassford Hill, Salida Gulch, Indian Ruins trail near Lynx Lake
  • Day Trips to Phoenix, Sedona, Slide Rock State Park, Cottonwood, Fossil Creek, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff and all that those places have to offer
  • Spending an afternoon or morning at the lake: Watson Lake, Lynx Lake, Goldwater, Granite Basin, Mingus Mudhole, (Willow Lake…if you want to battle the bugs…Willow Lake is best for the trails, not the lake)

I hope with these Summer Fun Ideas you’ll have an enjoyably filled summer of learning, fun, relaxation, reading, and creativity!

* This list is definitely not comprehensive. In fact, PLEASE email me with other summer camps in the Prescott area. I will update this post periodically with additions. Please email me with the name of the Summer Camp and the website for more information, and the ages of kids the camp works with. 

Thank you!

Can Homeschoolers Participate in Public School Classes or Sports?

I received this question from a reader in Flagstaff. Let me share what I found out. 

1. It depends on the district. However, most counties do allow it, you just usually have to work it out directly with the school and/or district. Make sure you arm yourself with information. At the time of this blog post, this website had the best links to the county eductional websites with the information you need.

2. Yavapai County Education Service Agency says this on their website:

     Participation in School Activities

School districts are required to allow home schooled students to participate in interscholastic activities. The home schooled student must meet the same eligibility requirements, such as passing grades (as certified by the parent), as regular students. If there is a charge (Pay for Play, etc.), the home schooled student must pay the same fee as other students. Academic activities are not the same as interscholastic activities. Schools can take a home schooled student for any number of classes if the district wants to. However, unless a student is enrolled for at least ¼ time (as applicable to age of student) the district receives no state aid and is under no obligation to take a home schooled student.

2. Coconino County Education Service Agency also addresses this topic. Just access their document by clicking on Public School at Home link and find the section about Interscholastic Activities.
*The information on this blog post is based on a quick internet search and has not been tested or proven. Please comment on your experience with involving your homeschooled children in public school classes and/or activities.

HCHE Homeschool Field Day

Join us for our 2nd annual field day for homeschoolers sponsored by HCHE Student Council! We will have competitive running events for boys and girls ages 7 through adult (so dads and moms can join in the fun too!). There will be a softball toss, fun races and a special area with games just for younger children. All participants will receive a ribbon and competitive events will have ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. We will also have a family tug of war competition, ultimate frisbee game and of course a water fight! Field Day is FREE and is open to ALL homeschool families – you do not have to be a member of HCHE, so please share with families that may be interested in attending. Registration starts at 9:30 am and events begin promptly at 10:00 am. Water will be available but please bring your own snacks/lunch. You may also want to bring sunscreen, hats, and lawn chairs. The gates will be open on the north side of the field, near the parking lot and restrooms. This is an event you don’t want to miss! Please RSVP so we know how many to expect. See you there!

When: Saturday, June 6

Time: Registration 9:30 am

Events begin at 10:00 am and run continuously through 1:30 pm

Where: Ken Lindley Field

Address: 702 East Gurley Street, Prescott

A parking lot is located on the north side of the field between the skate park and playground. There is additional parking along the street.

Bring: lunch/snacks, hat, sunscreen, lawn chairs

*****PLEASE RSVP by Wednesday, June 3*****

Contact: Rich and Jennifer Covey


Phone: 928-925-7053


Tierra Wild Outdoor Club

I just received an email about an outdoor club opportunity for homeschoolers. This looks like a great club for any style of homeschoolers to participate in. I just emailed Nathan to ask for more information about ages he can accommodate with the Skyview group and the cost, so I will update this post when I find out.


Tierra Wild will organize club outings every Friday, starting February 21, 2014. Participants will depart from Skyview at 8:00 am and return at 3:00 pm. Each outing costs $50 if you pre register, $60 if you register the day of. Participants whose parent/guardian volunteers for a particular event may be eligible for a 15% discount on that outing. Email Nathan for a list of activities, ranging from shelter building and rappelling at Watson Lake to kayaking at Lynx Lake and Goldwater.


My name is Nathan Threlkeld and I represent Tierra Wild, a small family owned company in Prescott. Our company is an education based non profit, and our small staff are all highly trained and certified, and confident working with children in an educational setting.  We are currently running an outdoor club primarily for Skyview school every Friday. Skyview has Fridays off so this works well. I would like to extend the opportunity to the homeschoolers in the area. In short we take kids out on various outdoor adventures around Prescott/ Northern Arizona while emphasizing leadership development, confidence development, and environmental awareness. Spots on our bus are limited but we have the staff and equipment to accommodate many more participants if parents are willing to drive. We don’t need to expand our program, but I am passionate about sharing my love for the outdoors with children, and was homeschooled myself from 1st grade through high school. I would be excited to work with the homeschool families. If outdoor club isn’t a good fit we can also offer field trips or other outings meet state standards.
I would appreciate information on reaching the leaders of the local home school groups. If you are interested or would like to find out more email me at, call the office at (928) 350 8704 or reach on my personal cell at (928) 848 2465.
Thank you for your time and your help,
                                                                                                 Nathan Threlkeld, Program Director Tierra Wild

October Homeschool PE

Monday, October 7th, 3-5pm:

Come join us for some soccer at Pronghorn Park in the Pronghorn Ranch neighborhood off of 89A and Viewpoint in North Prescott Valley. Since many of our kids are playing in the local soccer leagues, we’ll have some pretty good coaches to help us out!

I found Pronghorn Park on Google Maps if you want to use your navigation unit to get there. Otherwise, here are directions:

From 89A, Turn North on Viewpoint Dr.

Turn Right on Pronghorn Ranch Parkway

Turn Left on Antelope Meadows Drive

About 1/2 mile (?), turn Right on Park View Drive

Turn Right on Rusty Spur Trail

Hope to see you there!


Monthly PE

A group of homeschooling moms have decided to organize a monthly homeschool PE gathering. Anyone is welcome to join them. They’ll be meeting on Mondays (usually the first Monday of the month) from 3-5pm.


Monday, August 5th:

Basketball at the indoor court of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints* off of Viewpoint and 89A.

Monday, September 9th:

Kickball at Stoneridge Park off of Lantern. From Hwy 69, turn on Stoneridge Drive (behind Sam’s Club). Take a L on Slow Creek. Turn left on Bluff Top. Take first left on Lantern.

Monday, October 7th:

Soccer at Pronghorn Park in the Pronghorn Ranch neighborhood off of 89A and Viewpoint in North PV.

Monday, November 4th:

Volleyball at the outdoor or indoor court at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints* building on Long Look in PV. From Glassford Hill, turn East on Long Look Dr. Cross through Windsong, second church on the right after Windsong.

Monday, December 2nd:

Dodge Ball at the indoor court of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints* off of Viewpoint and 89A.

*Church locations chosen based on the organizer’s religious preference. This is a non-denominational, non-educational-method-specific PE group. Anyone and everyone of different backgrounds is invited and welcome.

Sequoia Choice and REACH

Last week I attended a meeting put on by Sequoia Choice that introduced their REACH program to us.

Sequoia Choice, a distance learning Charter School backed by AZDL, will be starting up a REACH program in Prescott this year. REACH will be a day for homeschool kids to get together with each other and participate in elective classes (on Fridays…and it’s a drop off). In order to participate in REACH, the child has to be enrolled at least PT in Sequoia Choice classes…either using their AZDL curriculum options (2 core classes of Science, Math, Language Arts, or Social Studies) or Williamsburg Academy or Williamsburg Intermediate. Also, if you’re enrolled in their program, they will also reimburse you $150/semester for extracurricular activities including things like gymnastics, piano lessons, or other PE/ARTS qualifying thing. The catch is that it is a charter school so they have to do benchmark testing 4 times a year, state testing on the grade level it corresponds with, and abide by common core standards. Otherwise, you enroll your child in their school and they pay for your child’s curriculum (as long as the curriculum meets state standards) and REACH program.


So far, the REACH classes/courses haven’t been decided yet, and that’s what the meeting was for…to find out what we need here.

But we spouted off a bunch of ideas:

Classes for elementary, middle, and high school kids.

Art classes


Ballroom Dancing (other dancing)



Foreign Language (Latin and Spanish were the main interests)

Math Enrichment

Science Labs

Writing Enrichment

Vo-Tech classes like computer classes, welding, wood working, etc.

Business classes

College Prep, Internship, Life Skills

Overnight family field trips

If you are interested and want to have a say about what classes are going to be covered this year, then contact Karen (who will be the REACH coordinator here and main teacher at first). I’m sure she’ll be looking for teachers/mentors for these classes, too. I’m sure the teachers will be paid for them.

Karen’s phone number is 928-308-2668.

The first day of class will be Aug 16. Located at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 1202 Green Lane, Prescott. They will allow homeschool kids to attend REACH classes 2-3 weeks before committing to a Sequoia Choice enrollment.

Definitely something worth thinking about.