Online Courses for Home School

Jennifer Tharp, of My Online High School, submitted the following information for a complete online homeschool experience.

Good afternoon!

I would like to share a great program with you that is perfect for homeschool students as well as co-op groups. Whether you work with your children in your home or in a group setting our courses are a great addition to what you’re currently doing.
I’ve attached a benefit sheet for additional details. Your child will be able to experience and learn the discipline needed to be successful in the next level of education in a supported environment.
If you’re running into a course that you’re not completely comfortable with or your student would benefit from being accountable to an outside instructor we’ll be a great fit!
Our courses can be taught by you or one of our highly trained instructors.
Please email me to request a detailed course listing for your review. We are always adding more courses….like our trade certification courses in Electrical, HVACR & Plumbing. Learning one of these skills means a job for life!
Feel free to email any questions you might have or for additional information. Our website for non-traditional learners is currently under construction.If anyone would like to see a demo, I can also provide the log in information for that. I look forward to hearing from you! Have a fabulous day!
Jennifer W Tharp

Director of Sales & Marketing
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Beginning IEW Writing Class-2nd Semester

Lydia Wimber, an Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) trained teacher, has a few openings in her Beginning Writing Class for children 5-8, or K-2. The class has been meeting since the beginning of the school year, but she is welcoming new kids into the class. The class is just right for kids who have a basic foundation of reading and know how to write their ABCs (since that was all covered 1st semester). She encourages reading comprehension by asking the kids to summarize stories. She also gives the kids weekly spelling words, copy work, and journal writing exercises. She is a very motivating teacher with “ticket” rewards for the kids as they accomplish homework and goals.

Class meets: Mondays from 8:30-10am

Where: in Prescott Valley about 1 1/2 minutes from the public library

Cost: $40 per month, plus purchasing the class Workbook

Contact: Lydia Wimber 928-460-2345


Can Homeschoolers Participate in Public School Classes or Sports?

I received this question from a reader in Flagstaff. Let me share what I found out. 

1. It depends on the district. However, most counties do allow it, you just usually have to work it out directly with the school and/or district. Make sure you arm yourself with information. At the time of this blog post, this website had the best links to the county eductional websites with the information you need.

2. Yavapai County Education Service Agency says this on their website:

     Participation in School Activities

School districts are required to allow home schooled students to participate in interscholastic activities. The home schooled student must meet the same eligibility requirements, such as passing grades (as certified by the parent), as regular students. If there is a charge (Pay for Play, etc.), the home schooled student must pay the same fee as other students. Academic activities are not the same as interscholastic activities. Schools can take a home schooled student for any number of classes if the district wants to. However, unless a student is enrolled for at least ¼ time (as applicable to age of student) the district receives no state aid and is under no obligation to take a home schooled student.

2. Coconino County Education Service Agency also addresses this topic. Just access their document by clicking on Public School at Home link and find the section about Interscholastic Activities.
*The information on this blog post is based on a quick internet search and has not been tested or proven. Please comment on your experience with involving your homeschooled children in public school classes and/or activities.

Girl’s RockIt Days at Embry Riddle

Hi Homeschoolers,

Once again we at Embry-Riddle are presenting our Girls RockIt Days for both high-schoolers and middle-schoolers. We would like to invite you all to participate as we have had several home-schooled young women in the past and would like to reach out to more students in this group. Our High School event is September 10 and our fall Middle School event is September 22 (we have two additional middle-school events in the spring). Contact me at for more information or to register your student(s).

Melanie Wilson

Here is a peak of the activities they did last Spring:

Girls RockIt Day

Spring, 2015

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Student Union Hangar

8-8:15 Check-in

8:30 Welcome Dr. Ayers/ Photo

9 – 11 Breakouts (see below) students choose one “track”

Global Interest: (Hangar)

  • Spy Camp (Global Security Program)
  • Global Business
  • Crash Lab
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Meteorology
  • Intro to AE, EE, ME, CE, SE
  • Propulsion
  • Jet Dragster
  • Space/Legos/Materials

11:00 Lunch (Hangar)

  • Student discussion tables
  • Study Abroad information

11:30 Rockets/Flightline

1:00 Flightline/Rockets

2:30 Evaluations/Departure

Classical Conversations

Hi there!

If you or anyone you know of that would be interested – we are having another CC info meeting day on Wed., January 28th.
We will be meeting at 12pm –  bring your own lunch and have the kids play while the moms (parents) meet for a CC info meeting.

Later that day we will have another meeting at 6pm – 8pm at one of the local libraries.

If you would like to attend please contact me and I will give you the meeting address.

We are currently in negotiations with a local church in Prescott near the Senator Hwy to see if we can use their campus as our regular meeting place.  We would love to have you join us as we will hopefully be meeting once a week at this new location.


Maggie Jones
Director, Prescott Valley Classical Conversations
text / cell 928.642.8021

Project L.E.A.P. for 2014/15

LEAP is a local homeschool project-based co-op that meets once a week on Thursday afternoons to do project-based learning activities/opportunities in a group setting for kids 5-13. The co-op is operated by the moms involved in their own homes so it keeps the costs down–supplies only. The groups are split into ages: 5-7s, 8-10s, 11-13s. All kids who participate also have an actively participating parent (this is not a drop-off group). The parent alternates being responsible for a monthly project, teaching an age group as a group leader, or assisting a group leader. Babies and toddlers tag along, either staying close to their mom or playing in another room.

Each month, the groups focus on one unit study/theme for three weeks then have a culminating 4th week where they show off what they have learned or going on a field trip. Some of the upcoming themes for next year’s projects are art with an art exhibit, animals and habitats, meteorology, Spanish with a Spanish market, Crime Solvers, and archaeology. The group also picks out a book each month to read at home with their children that corresponds with the month’s theme. Then they have a book club conversation with the kids about the book they read.

This year, the group will also begin having a Mom’s Night where homeschooling moms can get together and discuss (or chat and laugh) about opportunities and challenges of homeschooling.

Homeschoolers who are interested in joining the LEAP group can try it out for a month to see if it’s a fit for them. The group will have those parents assist a group leader during that first month. After that, the group would like the new parents to take turns in being group leaders.

One thing about this co-op is that it doesn’t matter what methodology you use in teaching your kids. You can unschool, take a classical approach, a christian approach, or use K12. Since the teaching is project-based, it supplements any educational method.

For more information, email Or post a comment to this post.