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Homeschool Hub Creator: Angie Patterson


Join the Prescott Homeschool Hub team! It’s a fun, low-key blog about homeschooling in the area. If you tend to be in-the-know about things going on locally, your contribution to this site would benefit many others! Are you part of a homeschool group that sometimes organizes a class or event that could benefit other homeschoolers? Do you want to grow your own homeschool group or start one up? Do you want to share information about a class or activity opportunity? Please share! Join the team!

Team members can contribute when it’s convenient to them…whether it’s weekly, monthly, or as life often goes, sporadically.


5 thoughts on “About (Us)

  1. Hi Angie,

    I would like to distribute information to home schooled High School students, ages 16-19, regarding a unique scholarship that the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation will be awarding to a deserving student at our 2nd Annual Western Heritage Dinner on November 15. The information can be sent to you for distribution at your request.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Dennis Gallagher
    Prescott Western Heritage Foundation, Inc.

  2. Hi Angie and Homeschoolers, Once again we at Embry-Riddle are presenting our Girls RockIt Days for both high-schoolers and middle-schoolers. We would like to invite you all to participate as we have had several home-schooled young women in the past and would like to reach out to more students in this group. Our High School event is September 10 and our fall Middle School event is September 22 (we have two additional middle-school events in the spring). Contact me at melanie.wilson@erau.edu for more information or to register your student(s).

      • And here is a samples schedule!

        Girls RockIt Day
        Spring, 2015
        Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Student Union Hangar

        8-8:15 Check-in
        8:30 Welcome Dr. Ayers/ Photo
        9 – 11 Breakouts (see below) students choose one “track”

        Global Interest: (Hangar)
        • Spy Camp (Global Security Program)
        • Global Business

        • Crash Lab
        • Air Traffic Management
        • Meteorology

        • Intro to AE, EE, ME, CE, SE
        • Propulsion
        • Jet Dragster
        • Space/Legos/Materials

        11:00 Lunch (Hangar)
        • Student discussion tables
        • Study Abroad information

        11:30 Rockets/Flightline
        1:00 Flightline/Rockets
        2:30 Evaluations/Departure

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