Looking for Teachers/Homeschool Classes at Yavapai College’s Community Education Program

Nancy Ostapuk, Director of the Community Education program at Yavapai College, reached out to me to help spread the word about building and supplying some year-around homeschool classes for our local homeschool community. We’ve emailed a bit back and forth so I would like to include some of the things she has mentioned in her emails. If you find yourself interested in becoming an instructor (paid!) or you are interested in enrolling your children at regular cost or on scholarship, keep reading!!

I’m the director for the Prescott Community Education, College for Kids, and EDventures program at Yavapai College. Every summer, we offer over 40 classes for children ages 5-17 and this past summer, many parents were asking why we don’t offer courses year round for children who are home schooled.

I would like to explore this option and like to speak with anyone who’d be willing to share their passion and expertise by offering non-credit courses to children. During the spring semester, classroom availability is greater on Friday/Saturdays. The non-credit program shares classrooms with the credit-side of the college and we plug classes into the holes wherever we can. During the summer, classroom space is limited because the college is closed Fri-Sun but we can strive to address any issue. My deadline to recruit new summer College for Kids’ courses is January 16, 2019. (Please refer to the flyers below for more detailed information about becoming an instructor.)

I would encourage any parent, wishing tuition assistance, to fill out a scholarship application. The amount of scholarships available differ each year. Last summer, awards went to everyone that submitted an application: one course per child.

Nancy Ostapuk, Director

Community Education/EDventures

Division of Lifelong Learning

Yavapai College

1100 E. Sheldon Street

Prescott, AZ  86301



Yavapai College Fashion Classes for Homeschoolers

The new Costume and Fashion Classes

are available NOW for Spring 2019

Spring classes include Costume and Fashion Design THR 125
& Costume Construction II  THR 224
Join us at Yavapai College to learn about costuming and fashion in the performing arts department.
Opportunities to work on theatrical productions and learn about creating costumes.
Classes open to ages14 and up.
See the attached flyer for more details.
For more information contact:
Gaea Steinbach
Costume Designer and Professor
Yavapai College Performing Arts
Phone 602 486-8155
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