Individual or Group Homeschool Classes

Information shared by Victoria Van Ness:

As a parent you have an enormous responsibility, filled with baths, meals, cleaning, changing, possibly a career outside of the home, and as a homeschooling parent you can tack on educating. Have you ever considered supplementing your child’s education with some specialized classes in Spanish, Sign Language, American History, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Reading Comprehension or even Writing?

Hi my name is Victoria Van Ness. As a former public school teacher of seven (7) years with a Doctorate in Education, a published writer, and a stay at home mom, I understand the struggles of providing a quality, all-encompassing education while still maintaining your own sanity. I also understand the demands placed on you, so I would like to offer my expertise to you, in the form of a few specialized classes. I will be teaching a variety of classes (based on demand) over the summer (and next school year) and would love to include your children.

To say that I love teaching would be a serious understatement. Teaching is my passion. So it is with great enthusiasm that I will be offering classes in my home (in old Granville, Prescott Valley).

Over the summer I will be teaching Spanish, Sign Language and any other subjects that parents might be interested in for their children. This is me reaching out to find out what is needed in the area. So if you are interested in getting some help with your child’s education, or you just need a break, please contact me to discuss this opportunity. You can easily reach me through my email at or on my cell phone at (281)779-6520 (and I get text messages). I can’t wait to hear from you!

I am also looking into being trained in Classical Conversation for those that might be interested in that.

Nature Camp: All Children in the Woods

Shared by Mariana Altrichter:
I wanted to spread the word about a nature camp  “All children in the woods” that I run during school breaks, and now, on Fridays. I think it can be an additional resource for families who want their kids to spend time outdoors and learn natural history, ecology, and conservation, to develop team work abilities, and to meet other children in a safe, fun environment.
I am a teacher at Prescott College, and my personal passion is to help children to connect with nature. For this reason, I created a camp where kids spend time in the woods, playing, exploring, doing art, learning, and having fun. I focus on caring and respect, for each other and for nature. I have organized many activities where kids learn ecological concepts, without even know they learning. I base all games on cooperation and collaboration rather than competition, and teach about the power of team work. I pay attention to enhancing interpersonal skills and conflict resolution through dialogue and expression.
This camp will be offered on Fridays April 10th and 17th, and May 1st, 8th and 15th, from 7:30/8 am to 3 pm, at Goldwater Lake. 
It costs $32 per kid per day. We provide healthy, organic snacks twice a day, and we provide all the art supplies. Kids bring their lunch and water.
The camp is designed for children ages 5 to 9. We keep a small group (max 15 kids) with two qualified adult instructors (myself and a second instructor).
I am attaching a flyer with more information and details.
thanks in advance, and I hope we can work together to provide our kids the benefits that connecting with nature offer.
You can contact me by email at or or by phone at 928-4455446
Mariana also has a great flyer that shares more information about this Nature Camp. Please email her to ask for more details about the camp.