In a Homeschooling Rut

So right now, I’m recovering from a horrible sinus infection that was resisting even a Z-pack for 3 days (good thing I’m on day 4). With participating in a local play in December, marketing for it, traveling to Houston for Thanksgiving then to Utah for my Grandma’s funeral 3 days after getting back, taking care of Christmas shopping and crazy December schedules, then tackling a home improvement project during the Christmas “break,” I kinda deserved this sinus infection. My body had just had it. While my mind doesn’t want to think straight right now, the infection successfully slowed me down.

However, it’s the 3rd week into January and I am still digging within myself to find motivation to get homeschool going again this semester. Part of me wants to look into new curriculum. (Will that help me kick it into gear?) Part of me just wants to go back to the simpler days when my oldest kids were pre schoolers and the biggest activity of the week was park day. But, alas, I can’t go back in time. But I could put them in school…then all I would have at home are my 3yo and my 9mo. That would be a nice break!

I found this on another homeschool mom’s website. Isn’t it perfect?

Sometimes homeschooling is just plain hard. Sure there are benefits and the belief deep down in the core of my heart and soul that I know this is the best thing for our children. But it really is hard sometimes.

I’ve been in a rut before and I always get out. So here are a few things I like to do when I’m in a rut:

  1. Peruse favorite homeschool websites for inspiration and ideas.*
  2. Spend some time working on a hobby, a project, or a craft I usually put off while I’m homeschooling. Truth be told, homeschooling has become my new top hobby. It takes a lot of my “spare” time. So when I feel in a rut, doing something creative that is not related to homeschooling helps me find myself again. My kids will sometimes join me in my project and craft and I end up sharing something I love with them (win/win!). I find a sense of renewal in scrapbooking our family memories, creating something to beautify our home (or just putting a plan together, buying it, and setting it up), or when I’m really feeling crafty–sewing (I have a love/hate relationship withsewing since I have to pick out about half of everything I sew).
  3. Research and buy a new curriculum. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a rut because the curriculum or method we are using really isn’t working out. The kids hate it or it’s more work than I intended.
  4. Decluttering the house and doing a little deep cleaning. When schedules get piled up, clutter also piles up everywhere in my house. Sometimes just spending some time decluttering and organizing a few spaces in my home opens my mind up to be more inspired to teach my children. I also often find resources I made or bought in the past that could be fun to include.
  5. Simplify the family schedule. Often the best thing I can do is simplify our family schedule somehow. Put a hold on music lessons, skip a sporting season, just not go to that church function this time. I wish I could say Yes to so many activities and be involved with many great causes. But sometimes saying NO to something is the best way I can say YES to my family and to our homeschool.

What are some things you do when you are stuck in a homeschooling rut?

*My numbered bullets wouldn’t let me share some websites up there without numbering them. So here they are:

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom (This couldn’t be more SPOT on!! Love it!)

Thomas Jefferson Education Blog (This is the method of homeschooling I have chosen, so it’s good for me to remind myself how it works best.)

71 Toes (She doesn’t homeschool, but her mothering is inspiring. Usually I don’t read about all her family stuff but I go to her tabs and click on something she wrote in the past that I just need.)

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