It’s a Wonderful Life

A bunch of homeschoolers are acting in this play. Come support them! Click on a link to see the flier and find out how to get tickets.

Promo Flyer


Also, the director, Ben Naasz, is willing to give acting classes for homeschoolers only if there is enough demand. He would also be willing to do homeschool only productions/plays with practices in the afternoons if there is enough interest. Comment here if you would be interested in something like that in the future.


Elaine James Voice Lessons

Singing at the Elaine James Voice Studio in NW Prescott.

It’s private voice lessons (9:00 am–1:00 pm for homeschool students ) in Mrs. James’ home. Lessons are for 16 weeks with a formal recital at the end of the semester.

Vocal styles taught: Broadway, classical/opera, jazz, pop, and country.

Mrs. James specializes helping those who want leads in shows/musicals, to earn vocal scholarships, and gets students “audition ready”.

Lessons are weekly at $25/half hour.

Call or email Elaine for availability: (928) 776-1796,