High School Transcripts

Since my oldest child is 10, I haven’t given this topic much thought. However, Scott Meadows, the developer of a transcript software from HSLDA, asked me to share this link to their transcript software.

Fast Transcripts

I know there are several homeschoolers out there who are concerned about what their child needs to do to prepare for college. Do they need a transcript? What about ACT/SATs? How far can they get with dual-credit high school/community college classes?

If any of our readers has some information about this, or links to other websites or articles, please comment below or shoot me an email at prescotthshub@gmail.com.

Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “High School Transcripts

  1. creditsbeforecollege.com is a good source for homeschooling through high school. Cheri Frame spoke several times at the convention this summer. I have a few of her books. In January, I’m hosting a homeschool info evening at my house, where people who are thinking about homeschooling can come and see what others of us do/use. I’ll have some her books out and will talk a little bit about what I learned from her.

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