To Homeschool or Not To Homeschool?

That is the question I’ve heard from several people lately! I always like to ask why someone chooses to homeschool. The answers vary widely. From wanting a more flexible schedule to moral/religious reasons to a more personalized education for their child to steering free from Common Core to providing an educational method not found in schools…the whys are different for everyone.

One thing is for sure. More and more people are homeschooling.

I am also amazed at how this website is really reaching out to a lot of people in our community! Both homeschooling families and others who are just thinking of homeschooling. Just last week, I spoke with my daughter’s former gymnastics coach (from a homeschool gymnastics class), and now she is really thinking of homeschooling! Another friend of mine is making the plunge and she will be hiring a private teacher for her children. Pockets of homeschoolers gather as co ops, pay teachers for group classes, go on outings together, etc.

People often email me about how they can find a group that’s right for them. Since one size never fits all with homeschoolers, it’s important for you to look around to find what will work for you and your family. A good place to start is on the link above, HS Groups. Also, ask around. You may be surprised who homeschools at your church or on your child’s sports team or extra curricular activity. I’ve even been asked about homeschooling while shopping at Costco! (During a school day, of course, with all my little ducks in a messy row.) One surprising gathering place is homeschool gymnastics…all three gyms in the area offer homeschool gymnastics classes. Arizona Dreams Academy, YMCA, and Synergy Gymnastics (formerly Flip City in Prescott) And while your boys and girls (of all ages…so nice to do one extra curricular activity for everyone at the same place at the same time) have fun with their PE, you can chat with the other moms.

Also, I would love to have other regular/semi-regular writers and contributors on this blog. Maybe you’re in-the-know about things going on around here and want to share with others. Maybe you like to write about tips and tricks for homeschooling. Maybe you have a club/co-op/play group you want to grow. Just let me know. I also always appreciate the emails from the program directors of educational classes/opportunities that ask me to publicize their opportunity on this website.

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