Fishing w/AZGFD at Goldwater Lake

Arizona Game and Fish to set up a Fishing event. They will educate kids and include all bait, tackle, poles, etc. No fishing license needed.

Wednesday August 13. There will be 1-1.5 hour of class time than 2-2.5 hour fishing g time. AZGFD will bring all bait,tackle and poles. Kids under 3rd grade should bring their own poles as there is only a few available. AZ game and fish will supply all bait. Also bringing crayfish traps and BBQing crayfish. Park is free that day, event held at Goldwater Lake.

My boys showing off their day's catch at Goldwater.

My boys showing off their day’s catch at Goldwater.

Sharlot Hall Museum’s Day in the Life Program

The Sharlot Hall Museum is offering “A Day in the Life” program on July 23 and 24, 9:30 to 3 p.m. This program is designed to allow children, ages 6 to 13, to learn about the work and games of both Yavapai and pioneer children during the 19th century. The two-day program involves fun, educational activities such as archery, sewing, reading animal footprints, relay games, and butter churning. It is a cross cultural program and the participants will be home schooled youth, as well as children from the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe. Enrollment is limited to 15 homeschooled and 15 Yavapai youngsters.

Children from the same family within the age range of 6-13 may attend. We recommend not bringing younger children, such as toddlers and infants, because they will not be able to join in the activities. One parent from each family may stay at the museum during the program, but this is not required. We anticipate that there will be no charge for the program, although there may be a small charge for lunches. (Sharlot Hall Museum staff has applied for a grant to fund “A Day in the Life”.)

Please email Mary Melcher at for a registration form.


Prescott Valley Days & World’s Oldest Rodeo

Summer vacation sure is fun around here with all the summer celebrations going on!

Prescott Valley Days has begun and the festivities will continue through Sunday. PV celebrates with dancing, live music, a Saturday morning parade (the good ol’ small town type where the parade entries toss candy), and a carnival. Check out this event page for more info.

How can anyone miss Prescott’s own World’s Oldest Rodeo coming up the first week of July? People come from all over to see this!

Now how can these events tie in to homeschooling and education? Well…these showcase the talents, hobbies, and passions of many people in our community that can inspire our own kids. Singers and musicians, dancers from local dance studios, cowboys and cowgirls, the high school band in the parade. Take a closer look and you also notice many of our local businesses contributing to our community and being a part of these events (think of educational topics like entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, ranchers who provide the rodeo animals, behind-the-scenes logistics to put on events like these). As you attend these fun things, ask your kids to take a closer look at the event and talk about some aspect about it that they may be interested in and can learn from.