Summer Fun Ideas in Prescott and Prescott Valley

This area sure has a bunch of fun summer activities available! Check out what there is around here…

  • Harkins Summer Movie Fun, watch movies at the theater for really cheap!
  • Prescott Valley’s free Movies Under the Stars most Thursday evenings at 7:30 at the PV Civic Center Amphitheater. Google Prescott Valley Movies Under the Stars for this week’s showing.
  • Your local library summer reading program and activities.
  • Summer Book It! Reading program.
  • College for Kids at Yavapai College
  • Zoo Camps at Heritage Park Zoo
  • Elementary Day Camps at Embry Riddle, they also have more advanced camps for kids 14-18.
  • Craft classes at JoAnne’s or Michael’s.
  • Variety of dance classes (Ballet, Tap, Zumba, Latin, Square, etc) offered through PV Civic Center. Click on link on this page for listing of classes.
  • Swim lessons at Mountain Valley Splash or YMCA.
  • Summer sport camps at YMCA. Inexpensive…$55 for members, $75 for community members. Tennis, Volleyball, Fishing, Fencing, Basketball, etc.

I also know there are great local summer day camps for more elite sport training like soccer and baseball and basketball, theater/acting, play writing, art, painting. There are also several week-long over-night camps in the Pines. Just start looking around on-line and you’ll be surprised at all our quad-city area has to offer!!

I have to apologize…I haven’t been updating this very regularly because we just welcomed a baby boy into our family on April 19! And we moved into a home a month before that. But I haven’t forgotten this blog and I will endeavor to share ideas and classes as I know about them.





6 thoughts on “Summer Fun Ideas in Prescott and Prescott Valley

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all this information! As a homeschooling family who has recently moved to Prescott, this blog has been invaluable!! Congratulation on your recent addition! I hope you and your family have been doing well!!

    • I’m so glad this website has been useful for you! I sure appreciate the comment. It encourages me to keep this going and not let it slide. 🙂

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