Arizona Connections Academy

A few days ago, I received a direct mail advertisement from Arizona Connections Academy. My first thought was how much homeschooling must be growing for homeschool academies to be advertising via direct mail. My other thought was that some others might be interested in learning more about this.

They will have an in-person information meeting on Thursday, Aug 1, at 6:30 pm at Starbucks on 351 N. Montezuma St.

After a brief review of the website, it looks like it provides full public-style instruction in all core classes and many electives. There are also a couple dozen activity clubs your child can participate in. It’s basically set up as a distance-learning/online charter school. There is no cost for curriculum or activities (as far as I can tell). Your child will periodically have a review session (once every two weeks) to monitor progress and learning. Regular assessments will be taken and it will follow core curriculum guidelines. Your child can learn at his/her own pace and (possibly?) take subjects according to their own level.

Once again, another great opportunity for home-based education! Really, there are SO many options out there, it’s hard to keep track of all of them!

3 thoughts on “Arizona Connections Academy

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  2. I’m in no way trying to be negative about the post, but would like to add that in the virtual academy’s (online charter schools), you have to watch closely the content being taught. Connections Academy, for example, is owned by Pearson Publishing. The academy was in the news a few months back for having a lesson on the benefits of the US becoming more like China. K12 has a lesson in history teaching that Roosevelt was a better president than Coolidge because he thought the government should do more for citizens where as Coolidge focused more on the individual.

    • Thank you for your reply and insight! It really is important to know what our children are learning. And it’s important to feel right inside about what they are learning. However, as I get to know more and more homeschoolers, I have found out that the political spectrum of homeschoolers is as wide as the public political spectrum. Some people choose to homeschool for reasons that are not associated to political reasons. They may feel like their child needs more one on one time or they may feel like an “unschooled” approach is better. Or they are just plain realizing that their child needs a more individualized approach to education in this Information Age as opposed to a conveyor belt education of the Industrial Age that our current school system is based on. So I went ahead and included these resources for parents who like the option of giving their children an education that’s similar to public school because they are fine with the content. It’s not the same choice for everyone, but it is the choice for many. Thanks again for pointing out the importance of making sure we know what our children are being taught.

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