Project L.E.A.P.

Life-long Exploration And Play, aka, L.E.A.P.

This last school year, a small group of homeschool moms with kids ages 5-13 joined together weekly for project/unit/theme based learning. The moms and kids had so much fun with it that they want to include more homeschool families. Some of the projects included short plays based off of fairy tales, a Village Market where money was exchanged for home-made goods, a President’s fair, and a spring service project. The kids were split into groups of 5-7s, 8-10s, and 11-13s. The moms took turns teaching the units and the little ones (0-4) wandered around as they do in a regular homeschool family.

If you are interested in more information or joining, please contact:

Christy Mecham


Also check out this flier (leap flyer) for more information.

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