Tuition-Free Wiliamsburg Courses in Arizona

The following is an announcement about an online High School that is, I believe, top notch…mainly because the mentors really believe in youth and encouragingly push them to live up to their potential. Up until now, it has been a costly tuition-based school. So this announcement is fantastic, as it makes Williamsburg Academy accessible to many, many more people.


Dear Arizona Parents and Students,

Williamsburg Academy and Sequoia Choice are excited to announce their new partnership. Beginning this fall, participating Arizona families will be able to access Williamsburg courses, tuition-free.

To celebrate this partnership, Williamsburg and Sequoia have decided to have a little shindig, and you’re invited. We’re meeting in Prescott on May 21st (hosted by Elice Smith), and in Phoenix on May 22nd (hosted by Summer Earl).

We will be holding a youth seminar, Find Your Zen-Flow-Mojo, and a parent Q&A session. Also, free pizza. What’s not to like?

Limited seats available. Click here to find out the details and register. Then forward this to friends you’d like to invite.

See you soon!


James Ure


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