Summer Movie Fun

Tickets go on sale on April 12 for Summer Movie Fun at Harkins Theater! It’s actually pretty cool…you only pay $7/person and can watch up to 10 movies in the summer. If you don’t want to commit to that many movies (since some homeschoolers do year-around schooling), you can pay $2/person per movie at the box office the day of the movie…as long as there are still seats available. That’s still a killer deal. My kids are begging to watch Rise of the Guardians…so we’ll probably go once or twice. Just check out Harkins’ website here for more details. Everyone I’ve been talking to is also buying the Harkins T-shirt so they can get a free large popcorn each time they go. (We haven’t done that yet, but it sounds like a great deal.)

2013 SMF Titles

I also noticed that they did ticket sales through the schools during March. Wouldn’t it be nice to do that through a homeschool group as a fundraiser for a homeschool field trip or something? (Catalina, anyone? Just kidding. Maybe.)


***I’m putting together a post about local Summer Camp opportunities…sports camps, youth camps, academic camps. If you have information, please share with me so I can share with others!

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