Project L.E.A.P.

Life-long Exploration And Play, aka, L.E.A.P.

This last school year, a small group of homeschool moms with kids ages 5-13 joined together weekly for project/unit/theme based learning. The moms and kids had so much fun with it that they want to include more homeschool families. Some of the projects included short plays based off of fairy tales, a Village Market where money was exchanged for home-made goods, a President’s fair, and a spring service project. The kids were split into groups of 5-7s, 8-10s, and 11-13s. The moms took turns teaching the units and the little ones (0-4) wandered around as they do in a regular homeschool family.

If you are interested in more information or joining, please contact:

Christy Mecham


Also check out this flier (leap flyer) for more information.

April Zoo Field Trip


Heritage Park Zoo

Domestic Animals

In this class, students will learn how to identify domestic animals by meeting several up close. We are looking at meeting the mini horses and goats, up close, and petting them. We will also talk about other animals even though we will not be able to touch them.

Time:            April 15, 2013,     1:00 – 2:00

Cost:              $4.50 per child

$7.50 per adult

All members of the zoo are $5.00 per family

Please RSVP by April 13, 2013.

Katy Gifford

520-360-4540 – cell

Each month we will do a tour or an on-site program at the zoo. If you have topics you would like discussed, please let me (Katy) know so that I can work something out with their Education Coordinator. I will need to know the topic at the beginning of the month.

Tuition-Free Wiliamsburg Courses in Arizona

The following is an announcement about an online High School that is, I believe, top notch…mainly because the mentors really believe in youth and encouragingly push them to live up to their potential. Up until now, it has been a costly tuition-based school. So this announcement is fantastic, as it makes Williamsburg Academy accessible to many, many more people.


Dear Arizona Parents and Students,

Williamsburg Academy and Sequoia Choice are excited to announce their new partnership. Beginning this fall, participating Arizona families will be able to access Williamsburg courses, tuition-free.

To celebrate this partnership, Williamsburg and Sequoia have decided to have a little shindig, and you’re invited. We’re meeting in Prescott on May 21st (hosted by Elice Smith), and in Phoenix on May 22nd (hosted by Summer Earl).

We will be holding a youth seminar, Find Your Zen-Flow-Mojo, and a parent Q&A session. Also, free pizza. What’s not to like?

Limited seats available. Click here to find out the details and register. Then forward this to friends you’d like to invite.

See you soon!


James Ure


Prescott Summer Camps

Summer Camps can be a fun opportunity for our kids to learn with their peers, springboard their athletic skills, stretch their talents, or just plain get out. (We all need that break once in a while!) I definitely need some help updating this! If you know of summer camp opportunities I have missed, please email me.

Day Camps:

Summer Zoo Camp at Heritage Park Zoo. They have 5 weeks of summer camp, so you can pick the theme that your child likes best or the week that works best with your summer schedule.

Embry Riddle has science-based day camps for kids 5-12 and 10-14. Hopefully, you can access the pdf info sheet here. If not, just go to the Embry Riddle link provided and it’s in the sidebar.

Nike Baseball Camp at Embry Riddle for boys 10-18. They have a day-time only option for locals. 🙂

Nike Softball Camp at Embry Riddle for girls 10-18. They have a day-time only option for locals. 🙂

NCA Basketball Camp at Embry Riddle for girls and boys 9-18.

Arizona Dreams Gymnastics Academy has a recreational summer camp. I’m sure the other gyms will have summer camps, too.

Overnight Camps:

Youth For Freedom is a three day leadership camp for youth 12-20. YFF attendees can go up to 4 years, as each year builds on the one before. It’s a camp that incorporates the classics (with assigned readings to be done ahead of time) with leadership in bringing out the best in our youth. I believe most of the participants are homeschoolers, however any youth is welcome to attend. There even is a scholarship awarded that can go towards college tuition for an attendee age 16-20.

YMCA Camp Sky-Y and Chauncery Ranch. They provide all kinds of activities for youth in a week-long camp experience. They also have 4 day mini-camps if 6 days is too long (I know…I’m a homeschooling mom…). It looks like a lot of fun for kids. Really!

Here is a family camp for Jewish families.

Embry Riddle has some overnight camps for high schoolers…who are totally into space flight, aerospace engineering, robotics, computer engineering, etc.

Especially For Youth is a religious camp for youth ages 14-18. Most of the kids who go are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but anyone is welcome to attend. There are a couple of sessions in Flagstaff in June.

Summer Movie Fun

Tickets go on sale on April 12 for Summer Movie Fun at Harkins Theater! It’s actually pretty cool…you only pay $7/person and can watch up to 10 movies in the summer. If you don’t want to commit to that many movies (since some homeschoolers do year-around schooling), you can pay $2/person per movie at the box office the day of the movie…as long as there are still seats available. That’s still a killer deal. My kids are begging to watch Rise of the Guardians…so we’ll probably go once or twice. Just check out Harkins’ website here for more details. Everyone I’ve been talking to is also buying the Harkins T-shirt so they can get a free large popcorn each time they go. (We haven’t done that yet, but it sounds like a great deal.)

2013 SMF Titles

I also noticed that they did ticket sales through the schools during March. Wouldn’t it be nice to do that through a homeschool group as a fundraiser for a homeschool field trip or something? (Catalina, anyone? Just kidding. Maybe.)


***I’m putting together a post about local Summer Camp opportunities…sports camps, youth camps, academic camps. If you have information, please share with me so I can share with others!

Join the Hub Team!

Join the Prescott Homeschool Hub team! It’s a fun, low-key blog about homeschooling in the area. If you tend to be in-the-know about things going on locally, your contribution to this site would benefit many others! Are you part of a homeschool group that sometimes organizes a class or event that could benefit other homeschoolers? Do you want to grow your own homeschool group or start one up? Do you want to share information about a class or activity opportunity? Please share! Join the team!

Team members can contribute when it’s convenient to them…whether it’s weekly, monthly, or as life often goes, sporadically.

Introducing Angie

You might have seen me around town–at the store, the park, the library, or the zoo–with 4 kids in tow…during regular school hours. We might have passed, shyly smiling at each other and thinking, “I wonder if their family homeschools, too?”


Let me introduce myself. I’m Angie. I created this website as a way to bring Prescott area homeschoolers together in an online forum. In the last few years, I’ve come in contact with many homeschooling parents who want to be a part of a local homeschooling community. As I waited for “someone else” to build it, I realized that the “someone” could just as well be me. However, I would love to build a team of homeschooling parents to post to and manage this blog. If you’re interested in joining the team, comment below or shoot me an email (

We moved here 3 years ago after we had fallen in love with the Prescott area after visiting my SIL and her family a handful of times. My husband, aka Dr. Rob, is the owner and orthodontist at Patterson Orthodontics. I have 4 kids ranging from 8 to 1 1/2, and I decided a couple of years ago to really homeschool.

My SIL that lives here has always homeschooled her children. Per her example and a great one-week homeschool experience in high school, my husband planted the idea that we could homeschool our children. I resisted. I flopped back and forth. I studied many books and websites on educational philosophies and homeschool systems (I still do). How could I do it? What would I teach them? How would I do it? When would I find time for myself? What about class plays, school choirs, band, orchestra, school sports? On the flip side, what about the wrong kind of peer pressure? What about watered down textbooks? What about the inability to customize education to a child’s needs/speed of learning/style of learning due to class sizes and mandated topics of instruction (aka common core)? What about teaching history without God and teaching life skills without morals?

What about the 1+ to 2+ hours I would spend in the car each day to take my kids to my favorite charter school and back (because I figured I would have a Kindergartener every other year for awhile) and the limitations on family vacation time?

This may sound silly, but it was that last question that really tipped me onto the side of homeschooling. I just love having more flexibility and freedom with my schedule.

Since then, I have only added a dozen other reasons why I’m glad I homeschool.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I would like to get to know you better. Especially why you chose to homeschool. You can either share right here in a comment or share with me at one of the activities you might see us attend.

If you are new to homeschooling and just want to talk about things, I would be happy to talk with you. Please email me ( your name and phone number and I’ll call you.