Library Zoo Trip–April



In this class, we are going to talk about springtime and why it is important. There will be books that they can check out as well as a craft to do after.


Time:            April 1, 2013;  12:45 – 2:30


Place:           Prescott Public Library

Founders Room B

Lower Level


Please RSVP by March 31, 2013


Katy Gifford

520-360-4540 – cell


Summer Bowling Program

Kids Bowl Free!

This summer, both the Prescott and Prescott Valley bowling alleys will have a kid’s bowling program. Just sign up your kids for 2 games of free bowling each day during the summer…you’ll still have to pay for the shoe rental though. But it’s still a great deal. Then, for $24.95, you can buy a family pass so up to 4 more adults can bowl 2 games a day (plus shoe rental). What a great way to beat the heat and work on a new skill!

See you at the bowling alley this summer!

Post in the comments when you plan on making it to the bowling alley. Maybe we could even pick a day and time for homeschooler bowling!

March Zoo Field Trip



Heritage Park Zoo

 Domestic Animals

In this class, students will learn how to identify domestic animals by meeting several up close. We are looking at meeting the mini horses and goats, up close, and petting them. We will also talk about other animals even though we will not be able to touch them.

Time:            March 18, 2013       1:00 – 2:00

Cost:              $4.50 per child

$7.50 per adult

All members of the zoo are $5.00 per family

Please RSVP by March 16, 2013.

Katy Gifford

520-360-4540 – cell

Each month we will do a tour or an on-site program at the zoo. If you have topics you would like discussed, please let Katy know so that she can work something out with their Education Coordinator. She will need to know the topic at the beginning of the month.

Start Spreading the News

My daughter working on her Explorer guide at Watson Lake. I {heart} homeschooling!

My daughter working on her Explorer guide at Watson Lake. I {heart} homeschooling!

Now that I’ve built this website up a little bit, I’m ready for everyone to help me spread the word about this! Please share the website via email or FB. I would love for this to turn into THE place for homeschooling families in the Prescott area to collaborate with and turn to when they are wondering where they can turn to enrich their child’s education. And with that said, non-homeschooling families will find a lot of information here valuable.

  • And just so you know, here are some ideas I have as I move forward in the future:
  • More complete class offerings in the area
  • Spotlights on local homeschooling families to feature the nuts and bolts of home education that newbies and old hats always wonder: What does your schedule look like? Why did you choose to homeschool? What works for you? What just doesn’t work for you?
  • Links to GREAT internet resources, local homeschool mom bloggers, etc.
  • Info on a class/mentoring opportunity someone might wish to start up

To keep everything updated, please email me the local happenings and classes you know about.

Also, a big thanks to Patterson Orthodontics for sponsoring this website. Thanks to them, I was able to shorten the URL to just

Spring Break Classes in Prescott Valley

Spring Break Classes in Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley Parks and Recreation will be offering several Spring Break classes next week. They are all very affordable and many classes are in the afternoon so you can continue on with your mornings as usual. Check out what’s available:

Yoga for Teens

Beginning Tennis



Forensic CSI

Thanks, Carrine, for sharing this info with me!