Let’s Play Music PreK Class

Review by Angie Patterson, contributor of Prescott Homeschool Hub.

I’ve had 3 of my kids in a Let’s Play Music Class for the last 2 years. It’s a great class to give your kids a musical foundation through fun and play. The website provides great details about what is taught and how it’s taught. It’s set up like a PreK music class where several kids come together to learn music. I recommend the starting age at 3 1/2 or 4. This class could work for an older child, but it definitely is designed to start with your PreK kid and advance them for 3 years. By they time they are 7 or 8, they should have a fantastic musical foundation for any instrument they are interested in playing.

During their first year, they practice their music on the Bells because it’s easier for their hands to hold a mallet than play a piano. They learn all kinds of things duringthe first year, too. Rhythm, beats, recognizing skips and jumps, the 3 most common chords, etc.


During their second year, they begin to play the piano and learn notes on the piano, starting with their right hand then adding in their left hand. All the while, taking what they learned in the first year and taking it to the next level.

During their third year, everything they’ve been learning about rhythm, beats, reading music, etc, comes together as they play more songs and start composing and even transposing their own music.

There are two great teachers in the Prescott area. Miss Stephanie has taught my kids and she is very sweet and a very good teacher. I know Miss Laura personally and she is also very nice and great with kids. You can’t go wrong with either of these ladies.

Stephanie Henry: lives in Prescott Valley and is recruiting for the Fall of 2013

Let’s Play Music (ages 4-7) and Sound Beginnings (ages 2-4)

Contact her for further details on this amazing program and about attending a sample class at 928-899-3790.

Laura Solorzano: lives in Prescott

Let’s Play Music (ages 4-7)


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Music PreK Class

  1. Contact me if you would like to come to a free Let’s Play Music Sample Class. I will have them in April-July and I will be doing sample classes for Sound Beginnings in June-August. Classes fill up quickly so call soon. I am taking 18 new first year Let’s Play Music Students and 15 Sound Beginnings! I love teaching music and I love children!
    Stephanie Henry

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